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If you are looking for audit companies in India then look no further. CartfromUSA provides audit services like comprehensive auditing and assurance audit. We assist or clients to accomplish their goals by providing an organized, closely controlled process to assess and improve the efficiency of their management structure, overall control, and risk management.

CartfromUSA is working with many big corporate, helping them with their audits but we also outsource audit and assurance services to small businesses. Our Audit consultant identify and evaluate if many different sectors like shareholders, corporate executives or board of directors have rational guarantees that the company’s administration, control procedures and risk management factors are effectively designed and if they are functioning effectively.


There are various advantages of an Audit Service. It can help you in increasing your company’s effectiveness and profitability. We can assist your management better understand their own financial and working systems. Many audit companies in India don’t have that much experience when it comes to outsourcing audit services to big corporate. Many clients come to us unhappy because of their previous experience with new audit firms. So we will always recommend you to check their client portfolio before making any decisions.

Some of the advantages of hiring CartfromUSA Audit Services are:

  • Examine and identify your company’s financial records.
  • Categorize key areas for improvement in your company.
  • Evaluate new technology.
  • Reinforce and strengthen internal control.
  • Uncover fraudulent or other illegal activities within your company.

Our Auditors can also help you identify different areas in your company’s financial structure that needs improvement. They will also help you implement the appropriate changes and adjustments.

Outsourcing to an audit company India will also lessen the risk and therefore the cost of capital.

Our audit services
can help you expose inaccuracies and inconsistencies within your organization’s reports, which may be signs of poor monetary company or internal fraud, even though scam detection is NOT the primary objective of an audit.


★ Statutory Audit of accounts of Public and Private Companies
★ Financial Institutions Audit
★ PSU’s firms Audit
★ Banks and non-banking financial companies Audit
★ Sole-Proprietor’s as well as partnership firms Audit
★ We take special concern of any
★ Revenue leakages,
★ Overpricing,
★ Process overlaps and
★ Unauthorized access,
★ Omission and commission errors.


Internal Audit Consulting:
Focus is to ensure strong internal control systems to minimize the risk of accidental or deliberate errors and omissions. Safeguarding of assets, adequate division of authority over central control areas, and conformity with internal operating policies and standard guidelines are among the many focus areas. We take especial concern of any revenue leakages, overpricing, process overlaps and unauthorized access, omission and commission errors.

Prepare Tax audit report in Form 3CA/3CB including Annexure in Form 3CD as per Section 44AB of the Income-Tax Act, as well as any rebate holiday or deduction passed on to the customer and the collection and verification of obtaining regulatory forms Like C form or H forms etc.

Transform Your Internal Audit Into an Efficient and Low Cost Venture

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