Data Management

Data Entry Services with an Emphasis on Quality and Accuracy

CartfromUSA , one of the best global data entry companies makes use of best-in-class OCR and ICR technology to fulfil the data entry requirements of our clients. Our Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technologies can convert over a million handwritten or machine-printed documents into electronic formats daily. This maximizes accuracy of the extracted data, as well as the productivity of the process.
Quality Assurance is a stringent process that we rigorously implement at CartfromUSA . Through this, we aim to ensure that our professionals perform a round of quality checks and implement double data entry to verify and achieve the maximum possible accuracy of data. CartfromUSA prides itself on delivering 99% accuracy level in its data entry services.
We invest heavily to provide training on a continual basis to our data entry professionals and to ensure that CartfromUSA remains one of the top trusted data entry companies in the world. As an ISO 9001 certified data entry company, we are committed to improving our validation and quality control procedures to deliver the highest quality of output for our global clients at all times.

Data Conversion

Data conversion has of late become the necessity to lower the cost of processing and to save valuable time of the companies. The volumes of data generated by these companies make them to use these services. By using these services, they can save the data in different formats for better management.

Our team of expert professionals uses the best tools available globally. We use genuine software in the data conversion process to give a spotless performance. We have the technology to convert any media source to the required format. We use the most advanced software for this conversion process. We deal in nearly all kinds of file conversion process.

Our services include:
• OCR Conversion.
• XML Conversion.
• Document Conversion.
• Data Extraction and Validation.
• Data Entry.

We review and revise our conversion process at regular intervals to ensure the cost effectiveness and expertise.
We outsource comprehensive data conversion services with the commitment to deliver you the best. We have the ability to handle complex conversions, which could cater to all your needs.

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